Welcome to the Weekend

We’re here to help you enjoy learning — via simple technology for news, books, podcasts, and more.

We love podcasts for drive time, and strongly prefer to personally select material, unlike the “Pandora of Public Radio” approach that the NPR One app insists on.  We like weekly Weekend shows that take a step back from the daily drum of the news cycle.  NPR has Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday  shows that are terrific, in this vein.

Sadly, NPR does not make those weekend shows, nor the weekday staples Morning Edition and All Things Considered, available as podcasts.

So we have HUUUUGE appreciation for Kevin Micke, for publishing personal-use RSS feeds that podcatchers can use to enjoy these NPR shows.

Lest NPR member stations think this is a problem, please think again.  Podcast listeners include NPR sustaining members.  In our case, we are sustaining members of 5 different NPR stations we’ve found over the internet.